Using Webmail Files

You can use Files to store and share up to 2000 files as long as you don’t exceed your total allowed space quota. You can create up to 100 folders, including sub-folders, with up to 1000 files in any one folder.

Note: File and folder names can be any length, but if the name is longer than 80 characters, the name is truncated in the File Sharing display, and the missing part of the name is replaced by ellipses (... ).


How do I upload files to my Files section?

Before you can upload a file, you first have to save the file to your computer, and then you can upload it to the Files section.

  1. Click the Files tab.
  2. Navigate to the folder where you want to store the file.
  3. Click Upload file here.

  4. Navigate to the location of the file that you want and click Open.
  5. Your file will be uploaded to the specified location that you chose.

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What type of files can I upload?

You can upload any type of file as long as you don’t exceed your total space quota. For example, you can upload data files such as Word, Excel and PDF, as well as photos and videos.

How do I create folders?

You can create up to 100 folders, including subfolders. Subfolders can contain other subfolders as well, and you can nest subfolders up to 5 subfolders deep. All folders are displayed in alphabetical order.

  1. Click the Files tab.
  2. Select Create folder from the toolbar at the top.
  3. In the text field, enter a name for the folder.
    Note: Folder names cannot include forward slashes and cannot begin with a period (.), and the names cannot be index.htm or index.html.
  4. Press the check mark.

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How do I move files into a folder?

When you upload files to the Files section, you can specify the folders where you want to store them. If you have already uploaded files, you can move the files into any of your existing folders.

  1. Click the Files tab.
  2. Select the file(s) that you want to move.
  3. Choose Move from the actions toolbar.
  4. Using the Move to drop-down, select the folder that you would like to move the file(s) into.

How do I delete a file or folder?

  1. Click the Files tab.
  2. Hover your cursor over the file or folder that you want to delete.
  3. Click Delete.
  4. Click Ok to confirm the deletion.

Note: When you delete a folder, you also delete all of the files and subfolders that are in that folder. If you delete a file that is shared, anyone who was viewing the file will no longer be able to see it.

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How do I create a subfolder?

  1. Click the Files tab.
  2. Select the folder that you want to be the parent folder.
  3. Click Create folder and enter the name of your subfolder.

Can I reorder my file folders?

Files and folders will always be displayed in alphanumerical order.

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Can I take a file that was sent to me in an email and save it to my Files section?

If you receive a file in an email and you want to save it to the File sharing, you first need to save it to your computer. You can then upload the attachment back into your Webmail Files.

Can I take a file that is saved in my Files section and attach it to an email?

You cannot attach a file that is in Files to an email message; however, you can email the URL for the file.

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How do I share files or folders?

To share a file or folder, you must first mark it as shared. Then you can let people know about your file or folder by posting its URL (via email, website, blog, twitter, etc.).

The file names still appear in the list, and you can rename or delete them, but no one will be able to view or download the files until sufficient time has passed.

  1. Go to the Files tab.
  2. Select the file or folder that you want to share.
  3. Choose Share, and a link will be created.
  4. Select the link icon beside the shared file, and the URL will display beneath the file for you to copy and paste wherever you would like to share.
  5. When anyone clicks on the URL or pastes it into a browser, the corresponding file or folder is displayed.

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