Managing PHP versions in cPanel

Hypertext Processing (PHP) is a programming and scripting language that takes data from the database and converts it into a HyperText Markup Language (HTML) web page.  You can update your PHP version directly from Exact Hosting's cPanel platform.

  1. Login to the Exact Hosting client dashboard.
  2. Choose Services, then on My Services.
  3. Click on the correct hosting plan.
  4. Select Login to cPanel.
  5. Click the icon MultiPHP Manager.
  6. Check the box beside the site to update, click the drop-down and select the PHP version, and press Apply
    Note: Updating your website's PHP version may cause the website to fail to load if your site is not compatible with a higher PHP version.  Consult with your web developer to upgrade your site, add-ons, and themes to support a higher PHP version.

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