Vistaprint nameserver decommission details

On September 25th, 2023, Vistaprint shut off its Cloudflare nameservers.   Customers using Vistaprint nameservers will need to contact Vistaprint for updated nameservers, or you can purchase DNS hosting and manage your nameservers with Exact Hosting.

Recovering DNS from Vistaprint

All customers using Vistaprint nameservers are affected. You can contact Vistaprint for updated nameservers. 

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Purchasing DNS hosting

  1. Log in to the client area.
  2. Select Services followed by Order new services.
    order new services.png
  3. Click DNS Hosting and select Order now.
    DNS hosting order now button.png
  4. Enter a domain for the Website Builder service to link to and hit Use.
    choose a domain.png
  5. After agreeing to the terms, press Complete order.
    complete order.png

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Setting up DNS hosting nameservers

The default nameservers will be active once DNS hosting is active in your account.

  1. Log into Exact Hosting.
  2. Click on Domains.
    Exact hosting domains.JPG
  3. Select Active next to the domain name.
    domain list active button.PNG
  4. Choose Nameservers.
    domain nameserver actions.PNG
  5. Choose Use default nameservers and press Change nameservers to save.

    exact hosting nameserver selection.PNG

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Setting up DNS hosting records

  1. Log in to the client area.
  2. Click Services.
    Exacthosting services button.png
  3. Press Active.
    dns hosting active button.png
  4. Select Host records.
    dns hosting host records.png
  5. After updating records, hit Submit.
    dns hosting host record fields.png

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