External Basic email troubleshooting guide

Troubleshooting a problem with email can be difficult as there are so many variables that can impact your email account.  Emails pass through many servers before delivering to the end recipient, making it difficult to pinpoint exactly where the delivery failed.  This troubleshooting process will help identify and resolve email-receiving issues.

Note: Please ensure you follow the quick checklist before proceeding with any further troubleshooting.

Quick checklist

Domain status
  • If your domain has expired, it will break your email and website services.  Log into your account with Exact Hosting and check your domain status.
Email service status
  • Your email service is separate from your domain registration.  The date of each renewal could be different and was missed.
DNS issues
  • For your email services to work, the DNS for your domain needs to have specific settings.
  • If your nameservers are with us then you can update DNS in your account.  If you are using someone else's nameservers, reach out to them.
Mail client issues
  • If you are on cluster a or cluster b, your settings will differ.
  • The issue may be the client itself, try signing in to webmail.
IP status
  • Your IP could be blocked.  If your email is managed through Cpanel, and your website is not loading

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Sending and receiving issues

If you're having a problem sending and receiving, it would be good to collect all the relevant information regarding the issue.

  • Check for an internet connection.  Are other websites loading ok? Are things working from other locations or different internet connections?
  • Is this only affecting your account or affecting everyone at the office?  Can you send a test email internally and receive it?
  • When were things working last?
  • Did anything happen that might have impacted functionality?  Was there a domain transfer that was completed recently?  Any changes made to an account or a password for an account?  Was there a recent change to the website that might have impacted email?
  • Is this a client problem or an account problem? Does it work on a phone but not in the mail client like outlook?
  • Are there any error messages or bounceback messages?  What do they say?  Can they be captured and provided on request?

A clear picture of the exact problem will help when troubleshooting email problems.  


Receiving mail

Mail Settings
  • Make sure the settings in your mail program are correct
Mailbox is full
  • If your mailbox is full, you will not be able to receive any emails
  • Delete emails to make room for new ones or reach out to Exact Hosting to increase the mailbox capacity
Not receiving an email from a specific email address
  • You're receiving emails from other sources but not from a specific address

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Sending mail

Mail Settings
  • Make sure the settings in your mail program are correct
User has temporarily exceeded the allowed mail recipient relays per day
  • Error[451]4.7.1 : End-of-data rejected: user has temporarily exceeded the allowed mail recipient relays per day
  • Our email servers limit 500 emails in a rolling 24-hour period.  Try to restrict the number of accounts in one email
User smtprelay service AUP suspended
  • 554 5.7.1 : End-of-data rejected: user smtprelay service AUP suspended
  • The email account was suspended due to an Acceptable Usage Policy.  The account was compromised or accessed from a known bad IP address.  Reach out to support for assistance after resetting your password
  • Hostedemail password
    CPanel password

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